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Downlod these Trial Scripts for ComicBook, WaterColor and Quick Marker.
These samples were created from online images with our FREE downloadable scripts to showcase our full Bento Box Sets. The Trial Scripts make a single effect, whereas the Bento Box Sets feature several different media variations for Comic Book styles, Watercolor looks and Marker like effects.

Trial Scripts have no watermark and no timeout period, but are cropped to 350x350 pixels. If your image is smaller than 350 pixels, a gray border will be added.
If the image is larger, it will crop in to 350 pixels. The Photoshop layers are flattened in the trial version, however, the Bento Box scripts will have all the Photoshop Layers
that can be altered for Color, Texture, Density and Line Tone.

These effects work best with a wide variety of images from portraits to landscapes and when the subject is prominent and the background is not distracting.
Our scripts work on Photoshop CS through CS6, on Mac and Windows. No additional plugins required. Like any plug-in or action from any company, images that are blurred, contain a lot of image noise, are overly compressed or are very dark and extremely low in contrast, will yield poor results. Keep that in mind.

FREE Trial Download.
Pencil Pixels Bento Box Comic Script

FREE Trial Download.
Pencil Pixels Bento Box Watercolor Script

FREE Trial Download.
Pencil Pixels Bento Box Marker Script
Or -
Click for full Script with 22 Comic effects
Or -
Click for full Script with 15 Watercolor effects
Or -
Click for full Script with 20 Marker effects

PencilPixels One-Click Scripts, Actions and Styles Use and Download Agreement Terms:
The distribution, resale, reverse engineering, layer emulation or derivative development from the copyrighted products of Pencil Pixels is strictly prohibited. By downloading and using the One-Click Scripts, Actions or Styles of PencilPixels, you are accepting and are bound by the terms of use of these products, and understand that they are the intellectual property of Pencil Pixels.

Scripts are as easy to use as actions but allow for a greater range of effects to be performed on the images.

Why Bento Box as a theme for the new scripts being released? Each of the scripts produce multiple, unique versions of the Media.
The Comic Bento Box has about 20 versions of comic media styles to choose from - ALL in 1 click!
The Marker Bento Box has over 15 marker effects that range from quick comps to detailed markering and even a dried out marker effect.
The Watercolor Bento Box has a combination of 7 Watercolor styles and 4 color/black & white soft toned styles.

For additional information on the Full Bento Box Sets, see  Comic-Bento Set,  Watercolor/Black & White Bento Set,  Marker BentoSet

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