using our trial Photoshop actions droplets
Combining actions and masks allow for an unlimited number of art compositions Matchprint
An original matchprint was developed to show a direct comparison between the original, containing various images and lighting instances, and the Action's result.

You can download zip file sets containing the original and the matchprints made with the actions from that set.

Images are 1024x768 pixels
Download zip file sets of matchprints
Atmospheres Matchprints [13.2MB]
Volume 2 Matchprints [15.8MB]
Volume 1 Matchprints [14.1]
Painting Matchprints [4MB]
Comic-Toon-Poster Matchprints [5.7MB]
Stained Glass Matchprints [7.2MB]
Easy Pencil Matchprints [2.3MB]
Watercolor Matchprints [1.7MB]
Metals & Foils Matchprints [3.1MB]
Rough Drawings & Chalk Matchprints [2.5MB]
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