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Making a Photoshop Video: Actions, Batches and You

I've always wanted to combine some video action with the look of a pencil drawing or the flatness of clip art. However, there were many roadblocks in my way. I certainly couldn't afford an animator to sit down and draw hundreds of images and didn't have the time to even consider tracing all the images myself.

I got a swift kick in my reality when I saw the U.S. TV commercials for Chuck Schwab Investments. It looked as if a piece of clip art was moving as smoothly as video and I was absolutely sure that they didn't draw it frame by frame. But as it turns out, they did do that, but through manual rotoscoping. Still, a very long process.

This tutorial will teach you how to do a very similar thing. Using only Photoshop actions, batches, Quicktime Pro and a short digitized video clip, you can accomplish great results.

This project will take you through the 5 steps that will make a Photoshop video.
Step 1: Prepare the video by splitting it into individual files.

Step 2: Make an action, purchase an action or get free ones online, which manipulates the image the way you want the image to look. In this tutorial, we'll create a simple action step by step.

Step 3: Set-up Photoshop's Batch command.

Step 4: Run the Batch command.

Step 5: Combine the individual processed images back into a video file.

Along with using Photoshop, this project will require Quicktime Pro, which is a simple and inexpensive upgrade to the free Quicktime player that is available cross platform for both Mac and Windows.

View 'CEO'
[Flash] clip
Styled Poster

View 'Reporter'
[mpg] clip
Styled Poster
View 'Reporter'
[mpg] clip
Rough Pencil

Download the PDF
of this tutorial.

Download this PDF PencilPixels Document

What you'll need:
- A video clip that is
- Quicktime Pro
- Photoshop

- Not necessary, but
  always good to
  Pencil Pixels'
  One-Click Actions
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