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Pencil Pixels Photoshop Fine Art Scripts One-Click Automated Instant Art - Volume 2 and Atmospheres Actions              click image for larger view

Volume 2 includes:
Over 40 Actions and variations.

Atmospheres includes:
23 Actions with 11 additional variations.

English language version Photoshop only

• PSD layers are available for modification. Transform your photos into various art styles by using these Action Effects or our services. Bloggers, designers, portrait and sports photographers can easily increase sales by offering specialty art products.

• Best suited for web and social media images.

• PencilPixel Actions have been tested on OS X and Windows, for Photoshop CS1 through CS6 & CC.
Volume 2 and Atmospheres Actions Discount Bundle

Save 20%

One Click Instant Art Actions. Over 60 Actions - Includes Blackboard, Mosaic, Chocolate, Concrete, Camouflage, Fingerpaint and all the actions from the combined mini packages of Stained Glass, Painting, and Toon-Comic-Poster.

The complete list of Volume 2 actions are:
Oil Paint
Painting Base 1 - Painting Base 2 - Paint Strokes
Brush Texture
Canvas Texture
Paper Surface
Plastic Sun Catcher
Chagall Windows - 1, 2, 3, 4
Simple Glass - Jewel Glass - Stained Plastic
Diffusion Glass - [Multi-File]
Gel Window Decore
Stained Glass - v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6
Glass Frames
Sunlight Accents
Toon Poster 1 - Toon Poster 2
Styled Poster
Toon Postern Smooth
Comicbook 1 - [Multi-File]
Comicbook 2
Sunday Comics - [Multi-File]
Comic-Poster blend

The complete list of Atmospheres actions are:
Blacklight Poster 1 and 2
Pie Plate - Multi-File*
Boiler Plate
Color Pencil
Color Pencil 2
Concrete Relief
Decoupage Lite & Decoupage Thick
Headstone - Multi-File*
High Key Black & White and Color
Shadowbox 1 and 2
Mosaic Tiles, Larger Mosaic and Adjtable Mosaic Tiles
Napkin Transfers - Multi-File*
Newspaper Photo
Camouflage, 3 environments
Pebbles 1 and 2
Polished Marble
Marble Relief

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Pencil Pixels Vol 2 & Atmospheres Instant Art - $115   Save 20%
Currently English Language version only.

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